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If you build it, BEES will come!

See us for all your Beekeeping needs. We provide needed supplies all our beekeeping friends in the Florida
panhandle and South Alabama. Bundrick Honey Farms also maintains a full line of beekeeping supplies for our local beekeepers.  Stop in the shop for all your wood ware, smokers, suits and other needs. As you can see we keep stacks of frames, hive bodies, supers, foundation, bottom boards and tops.  We also have most of the tools you need daily in the bee yard.  We also have a loaner small hand extractor for our customers on a first come first serve basis. Beekeeping usually means you need something and you need it now!  You don’t have to wait for shipping in the Northwest Florida area.  Come by our shop and pick up all your supplies. After all, that swarm isn’t going to “hang around” forever.

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