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Show me the Honey!

Our store in Crestview, Florida & our online shop both offer quality honey and bee hive products produced directly from our bee farms.  There is a wide variety of health benefits provided by our honey that may not be present in more processed products.  Honey is a great alternative sweetener for cooking, coffee, toast, etc.  Our cut comb products, available in the Spring and Summer months, are 100 percent all-natural raw honey & wax.  Comb honey shipped to you is the exact product that our bees produce, it is impossible to alter this product in any way without melting wax.  Our pure, raw, and unprocessed strained honey products have been warmed and strained to a minimum to preserve the natural health benefits it provides.  Honey will last for years and will stay clear a long time if kept at room temperature. It may begin to crystallize or “sugar” after some time or when in low temperatures, all you have to do is heat it up in sun light, hot water, etc.  If sweetening hot products like tea or coffee just simply scoop crystallized honey and stir in like sugar and it will liquefy.  We sell our products with confidence and know you enjoy them.

Visit us today!

If you re unable to make it to the Crestview location, please check our facebook page for famers markets and evnts in your area where we set up!


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